There there .​.​. There there

from by Screenreader



Waiting half the day
For answers that might fall down from the sky
So sick of sympathy
When no one even knows the reasons why
You’re on your last legs, barely hanging on
Your wishing you could feel home-sick but there’s nowhere you belong

If you’re so sick of waiting then fly today

Throw it all away
Your morals and your ever troubled conscience
You don’t need them now
In this defining moment there’s no turning back
‘Cause I know I’ve lost a lot
But of all I lost I miss my mind the most

There’s a merry go-round spinning in your brain
Telling you tomorrow will be the same

There there
There there
There there

Now sunlight’s breaking through,
A burning sky’s such a beautiful view
Now sunlight’s breaking through
A burning sky’s such a beautiful view
It’s shining time
It’s shining time
It’s shining time
It’s shining time


from Disconnect the Dots, released January 30, 2012
All songs written and produced by Screenreader
Engineered by Brian casey in collaboration with Lawrence White, Keith Clancy, Alfons Peeters and Sascha Seyschab in various locations over 2011.
Mixed by Brian Casey in the Bat-Cave
Mastered by Aidan Foley, Masterlabs, Dublin.



all rights reserved


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